BYOD Resources  - Additional Tools for BYOD devices

You can download or access the tools found here to add more functionality to your BYOD device. (Downloads available at school only)

They are provided for your convenience. Unfortunately we can only offer limited support on non school or non portal purchased devices.

This page will be updated with new information and software occasionally, so be sure to check back. 


Additional Department of Education licensed software such as Microsoft Office can be found and downloaded from the eduSTAR catalogue here

(You will need your eduPass username and password)




 If you don't have printers installed on your BYOD device you can log into webprint and upload a pdf or Office document to print to the library copiers.

Mac and PC are supported.

(Click the Image to the left)

 Just login and select webprint! Follow the prompts.


Network Drives

Download this tool to your desktop and run it.

Login with your school username and password to access Student Common and your Home Directory


 Windows only



Install Printers

Download this tool to your desktop and run it.

You will need to be logged in first with the Network Drives tool above for it to work correctly.

This will install the new library copier and print charge software.


Windows only



BYOD WiFi Connection Instructions for Students 2018.pdf
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